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Charge Coolers



Charge Cooling is seen as something of a black art to many people. The basic principle of a charge cooling system is to cool the turbo air with water rather than the ambient air. A charge cooler kit can be used as well as or instead of an intercooler. It works by cooling the compressed air with water rather than air flow (for an extra boost of below ambient cooling you can have an ice chamber or cool with gas). The water is then pumped round to a pre-radiator which can be mounted in the front of the car without blocking the engine radiator air flow.

As water is so much better at removing heat a charge cooler is relatively small so you can mount it in the engine bay close to the inlet, greatly reducing turbo lag. The inlet temperatures are reduced and stabilised as the water system absorbs the hot peaks from rapid acceleration.

We have seen immense gains in horsepower by fitting properly designed charge cooler systems. There are many advantages over an intercooler consisting of reduced plumbing, reduced back pressure, increased efficiency and more stable temperatures. As with intercoolers though it is important to find the parameters of the application to ensure the maximum efficiency. GDM Motorsport can work with you to design and install a system that will improve your power output distinctively.

We offer both a budget kit which can be tailored for plumbing and mounting or we can design a bespoke system to suit your specific requirements.

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