The car was originally going in for a custom radiator and to have my existing IC modified into a back inlet IC to accommodate new turbo setup. However after seeing some of the work these guys do I decided to go all out and have more made.
So after having the guys come to my house to take various measurements and talk about design ideas, they sent me CAD drawings of the proposed items. Once approved we took the car to them to let them carry out the work.

I ended up having these made:

-Custom twin core radiator with fan mounted and -6 take offs for wastegate cooling connections

-Custom back inlet intercooler completely made from new and to be sized the same as my old one

-New 16 row oil cooler made to fit off brackets from the radiator (sits between rad and IC. (my old one was 13 row)

– New boost pipe from IC to TB made in one piece. Absolutely chuffed with this, I now only have one boost pipe and 3 samcos on my whole build!

-Custom oil catch can with drain back incorporated.

-Custom Air filter water splashguard to prevent water soaking my filter

-Custom radiator header bottle

-Rocker cover connections welded on and acid dipped RC as well

Many thanks to Darren and his team down at GDM Motorsport for looking after us and doing some fantastic work. We are going back in the near future to have the following done:

-Sump turbo oil return capped off and relocated to the front of sump

-Custom battery box

-Custom washer bottle that mounts off battery box

-Custom fuel swirl pot

And anything else I can have made new and shiny!

Robert Darell, Honda CRX